2009 Porsche 911 997


  I am reluctantly listing my low mileage Mezger powered Basalt 2009 997 Turbo. I am a long time Porsche owner, enthusiast, and mechanic. Before I go any further this car does have a $55k factory replacement engine due to a broken timing chain, quite possibly caused by the ridiculous number of over revs logged by the ecu. I personally installed the new engine at 16k miles and purchased the car with 17.5k miles. I have completely torn the car down, inspected, serviced, and reassembled everything mechanically. The entire suspension has been disassembled, inspected, and serviced. The suspension while very aggressive, is equally agile and responsive while being very predictable and compliant. I spent a lot of time working with the shock settings, and more importantly reducing the charge pressures making them much more street friendly then their original design and intention. This car is a stunning performer being leaps and bounds above the standard turbo. ** The paint shows extremely well with the only significant blemishes being nicks and chips on the front splitter, and around the leading edges of the front rocker and rear bumper (see pics). The installer failed to have the Techart provided protective clear film attached on those sections. A little time and creativity would quickly repair this. If it were not for the car being a metallic based black I certainly would have addressed it, however; it really doesn't stand out as it would with any other color so I decided to leave it alone for now. Aside from that the paint and body are in amazing condition, you will not be disappointed, no one has ever been yet! The basalt black has become one of my personal favorites as it really accentuates and exaggerates the curves of the Turbo body and changes  slightly in color with light, a must see in person as pictures just can't do it justice. Improvements and upgrades. styling: -GT2 RS seats (full leather) -HRE 590R three piece wheels with Dunlop racemaxx tires -Techart aero kit including rear wing element -Techart GT3 carbon front bumper vent insert -Techart carbon roof spoiler Suspension and Brakes: -JRZ RS Pro coil overs with Eibach 500/600 springs -Brembo GT 380mm front and 380mm rear brake conversion -Brembo type III front rotors -RSS control arms, links, and mounts -TPC Racing sway bars Engine and Performance: -Brand new Factory replacement Mezger engine -AWE Tuning 650S headers, hi-flow cats, and exhaust -GT3 throttle body -Softronic 650 hp 93 oct tune -TPC Racing intercoolers (largest on market) -Werks1 (champion motorsport) carbon plenum -Werks1 carbon y-pipe (needs repair but goes with car) -IDP aluminum y-pipe -Werks1 carbon air intake -OS Giken limited slip -ERP triple disc clutch and LWFW assembly. The car is rock solid and fully emissions compliant, no lights, warnings or errors. The Softronic software was used in favor of the original AWE/GIAC software because it provides a more progressive boost map and better throttle modulation allowing the car to be much more driveable on the bottom end of the power band. No expense was spared on the build of this car and would cost several 10's of thousands to duplicate, anyone familiar with these cars knows the costs of the parts and mods listed above. There are no excuses and the next owner will surely not be dissapointed. *Please do not bid or make an offer until we have spoken about the car and/or you have seen and inspected the car.

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