Car Auctions Group

Welcome to Car Auctions Group

At Car Auctions Group we offer only the best in luxury and sport cars for sale. We receive all our cars from auctions at Manhiem and at local manufacturer’s lots.¬†We are car enthusiasts who has taken our passion and brought it to our automotive business that sells exclusively on high performance and luxury cars.

We are very selective in the cars we buy and spend countless hours researching, assessing and inspecting our cars before we purchase for our inventory. We have very high standards and will not waiver on these parameters no matter the car. Once we have brought our car, we inspect with our master technicians on location to address any mechanical issues and to put in any preventative maintenance before we offer the car for sale. This ensures our customers receives a car maximize for a great ownership experience.

Come and look at our great inventory of cars to choose from. We look forward to working with you and sharing our passion for cars with you. If you need a quality car wash near me check out Car wash by me